The Adventures of Superman

Syndication/ABC / 104 Episodes / September 19, 1952 – April 28, 1958
Starred: George Reeves, Phyllis Coates, Noel Neill, Jack Larson

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Video Extras
Jack Larson Interview (Archive of American Television)
Mysterious Death of George Reeves (Entertainment Tonight / 1982)
George Reeves: the Death of Superman (Unexplained Death)
Was Superman Murdered? (Catherine Crier Live)
George Reeves in Superman Kellogg's Commercial
George Reeves Plays Superman on I Love Lucy
Superman's Greatest Hits!
Noel Neill Interview

NPR Audio Reports
"Ben Affleck Talks 'Hollywoodland' "(Fresh Air from WHYY / 9-25-06)
"'Hollywoodland' Doesn't Quite Measure Up"(Morning Edition / 9-8-06)
"Diane Lane in 'Hollywoodland' "(Fresh Air from WHYY / 9-6-06)
"Director Coulter Discusses 'Hollywoodland' "(Weekend Edition Sunday / 9-3-06)
"Metropolis, Ill., Basks in Ties to the Man of Steel"(Morning Edition / 6-27-06)
"The Science that Makes Superman So, Well, Super"(Weekend Edition Sunday / 6-25-06)

News / Blogs / Websites
"The Death of Superman" (The Yesteryear Museum)
"Was Superman star George Reeves a suicide--or murder victim?" (The Straight Dope)
The Noel Neill Statue
"The Soul of a Superman" (GeorgeReeves.net)
"The Story of the "S" Symbol"

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