The Dick Van Dyke Show

CBS / 5 Seasons / 158 Episodes / October 3, 1961 – June 1, 1966
Starred: Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, Morey Amsterdam, Rose Marie, Larry Mathews, Richard Deacon

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Video Extras
The Dick Van Dyke Show Revisited (Reunion Show / 5-17-06 / 5 Parts)
Dick Van Dyke Interview (Archive of American Television 1-8-98 / 6 Parts)
Rose Marie Interview (Archive of American Television 9-22-99 / 5 Parts)
Carl Reiner Interview (Archive of American Television 3-25-98 / 8 Parts)
Sheldon Leonard Interview (Archive of American Television 7-11-96 / 5 Parts)
"I Am A Fine Musician" (Classic musical number)
Professor Van Dyke on "The Art of Slapstick"
Rob Petrie Entertaining at a Party
Laura Petrie Dancing at a Party
Rob and Laura Do The Twizzle at a Bowling Alley
Dick Van Dyke Show Cast on Stump the Stars (1962 / 3 Parts)
The Morey Amsterdam Show (1948 / 5 Parts)
Rose Marie Honored by Smithsonian
Baby Rose Marie Singing in the 30's)
Dick Van Dyke Show Bloopers (3 Parts)

NPR Audio Reports
"Veteran TV Director Shares His Tales" (Fresh Air from WHYY 11-13-06)
"The Reiners" (Weekend Edition 11-11-00)

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Dick Van Dyke Show Official Website
"Dick Van Dyke Revisited Stumbles Out of the Past" (USA Today 5-11-04)
The Walnut Times: The Dick Van Dyke Show Newsletter

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