The Untouchables

ABC/CBS / 4 Seasons / 120 Episodes / October 15, 1959 – May 21, 1963
Starred: Robert Stack

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Video Extras
Video Showcase Conclusion (Ma Barker / Parts 5 & 6)
The Return of Elliot Ness (1991 TV Movie / 15 Parts)
Robert Stack Plays Password (1963)
Robert Stack Interviewed at Golf Tournament (1996)
Robert Stack and his Wife Christen a Cruiseship

NPR Audio Reports
The Hero's Path from 'Untouchable' to 'Impossible' (Weekend Edition 5/13/06)

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Eliot Ness: The Man Behind the Myth
Actual FBI File on Elliot Ness
Elliot Ness News and Photos

Robert Stack

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